Classical guitar on Krakow Square

It is a blanket statement to say that most street musicians are awful, but in my experience most buskers can play one or two tunes badly, simply using their instruments to get cash from the tourists.

But not all; in Krakow they have a great system. There are specific places where the musicians are allowed to play and they have a roster. Every hour or so all the musicians get up and move away, to be shortly replaces by another musician. They are also (mostly) very good.

Once such muso was this guy. He was playing classical guitar; most of which he was improvising on the spot. He was exceptionally good; clearly classically trained. We ended up sitting for quite a while listening to his guitar singing.

The system is Krakow is great (Prague has a similar setup). It lets you can sit on Krakow Square and enjoy the music without being harassed by buskers. Well except for the unofficial buskers that disappear at the vaguest sign of authority.

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Cape Town Magic Club

Cds IMG 3766
Magic Man

On Monday evening Lois and I went to visit the Cape Town Magic Club. The club is hosted in the cellar of the Cape Town Club, down a flight of stairs through a door discussed as a bookcase, and down into a tiny theatre in the cellar.

Cds IMG 3757
MC – Marcel Oudejan

The club only put’s on two shows per week – every Monday at 7pm and 9pm, and different magicians on on stage each week, and the shows are top-class. On Monday, our MC for the evening was my good friend Marcel OudejansJesse Brooks did a great job warming us up, and the headline act was some great illusions performed by Andrew “Magic Man” Eland.

Cds IMG 3755
Jesse Brooks

There are only 2 evenings left this season and very few tickets left (really – it is almost sold out!), so hurry up and book your tickets, otherwise you will need to wait for season 2 later in the year.

Langebaan beach

One of the things I love about going for early morning runs is that you have the entire world to yourself, and the day has that wonderful brand-new feeling; feeling you can sometimes literally smell in the air.

In this case, it was an early morning run along the main beach at Langebaan – there was no wind, it was lovely and cool, and it felt like I was the only person on the beach.

The tide was way out, and this little rowing boat was stranded high and dry, waiting for the tide to come in.
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Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

What better way to explore the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna than to turn it into a training run as well? The grounds are huge (over 120 acres), so you can easily walk several kilometres to see everything. So why not run it? I ran over 6k in the grounds and I still didn’t see it all.

But the palace buildings and ground are amazing to visit. Here is a small taste of what you will see. It was pouring with rain, but who cares?

Cds IMG 1886
The palace

Cds IMG 1879 copy
The summerhouse “Gloriette” shot from the palace

Cds IMG 1895
The palace from the summerhouse

Walk of Fame

Cds IMG 1944

I am sure we all know about the Hollywood walk of fame, where they lay stones representing the stars. In Vienna they have their own walk of fame, but of course of the classical composers.

And in Vienna it is not just in a single street; the stones are scattered throughout the city, so you are never sure when you will find something exciting.

Here are some of my favourite composers (I only posted pictures of composers whose music I can actually play).

Cds 2014 09 03 09 28 11
JS Bach

Cds 2014 09 03 09 28 28
Strauss Jr

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