Camera Obscura, Aegina

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A camera obscura is a room with a small hole in the wall, through which light is projected to create an upside down image on the opposite wall. In short, it is probably the earliest version of a camera. It dates back to as early as around 400BCE.

So I was very excited to discover on our Greece holiday that there was not only a camera obscura on Aegina, but it is then only one in the world with a 360 degree view, so of course it became a destination for a trip around the island.

When I got there there was both good and bad news. The bad news is it is impossible to find. I (quite literally) had to drive around the back of the headland on some rocky, unmarked and overgrown island foot paths. It would have been fine in a 4×4, but it was not at all suitable for our little hire car. And secondly it was closed.

The good news is the door was not locked, so of course I went inside for a few minute to check it out. But it clearly was not being maintained, so while it was kind of interesting to visit I didn’t experience the 360 degree view. But the trip around the island was loads of fun!

It is just outside a lovely little village called Perdika, which is definitely worth visiting, having a walk around, and stopping for lunch in one of the waterside taverns.

Johann Strauss Statue in Stad Park

In my previous post, I showed the flower-clock in Stad Park in Vienna. If you walk a little beyond the clock you will see a wonderful statue of Johann Strauss (i.e. junnour) playing the violin. Imagine him playing the Blue Danube as you sit and listen to his music. The statue looks like it is made from solid gold, but it is gilded – a very thin layer of gold has been applied to the bronze statue. It lights up the whole park in the sun.

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Seal in Kalk Bay Harbour

This seal is a legend in Kalk Bay. You often see him sunning himself on the harbour wall, and when he gets too hot (or board of the tourists photographing him), he simply climbs to the top of the harbour wall and launches himself over the side into the sea.
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In the fog

On Thursday we had a very foggy day, so I was unable to drive to work without a quick photoshoot stop. I love the ethereal way everything looks in the mist; it is a time when you wonder if the world has not maybe moved a little closer to that of the fair folk…

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Bridge to nowhere

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Trees in the mist

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