Vegas! here we come!

Vegas2I’m leaving on a jet plane, and yes – I do know when I’ll be back again. As you read this, Lois and I are on our way to the Toastmasters Convention in Phoenix, but via a small detour in Las Vegas.

Yes, we will be spending a few days in Las Vegas, Nevada before flying down to the convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

So, either I will be stone broke or stinkingly rich when I arrive back home :-) Actually there is tons to do there besides gambling – we will be visiting the Hover Dam, and the SkyWalk in the Grand Canyon.

After the conference, we will be spending a couple of days in the Desert,and then the last few days in New Yyork before coming back home. It’s going to be a pretty exhausing but fun time!

Wish us luck on the slots!

ps: the next few posts will be sent from my phone, so the spelling might be a bit worse than usual


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