Malawi part 3: Saturday Morning

It is still quite colonial in Malawi (it is an ex-British colony). Florence has a helper working in the house (a man non-the less), and do you think that he would let me make my own breakfast? All I wanted was some cheese on toast, and a cup of tea. No No, none of that! I had to sit down and relax while my breakfast was made for me, and don’t you even think of helping yourself! I am being well looked after. For dinner tonight, I believe that I am having some of the local fish that they catch in lake Malawi.

Malawi is quite free with time, it is currently 8:10am on Saturday, and registration for training is starts at 8:30, but Florence is not here. I think that she is still at Church, so, no use in panicking.

I am quite far south from Lake Malawi, so I was not expecting to see it, but I have discovered that it is only 1 hours drive north, so I will be using my free time tomorrow morning to get an early start and head off to the lake – I am quite excited about that. With all the gear I had to bring, I left my SLR camera at home, but at least I packed the point and shoot!

I think I hear Florence arriving now, so I will continue later.

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