2 Orchids to Chaos Computers

About two weeks ago, I bought a USB memory stick from Chaos Computers in Kenilworth. The stick cost about R250. Well, get this – they gave me a courtesy phone call yesterday afternoon to check that all was fine and could they do anything to assist further.

No sales pitch, no special offers. Just a friendly call to check that all was ok. Well done, that is great customer service (their prices are also pretty good).

Two orchids to Chaos.


2 Responses to 2 Orchids to Chaos Computers

  • I am researching where the idea for using the word “orchid” to describe a kudo and maybe you can help. Do you know where this came from? I’ve seen it on other sites where one assigns the orchids to describe something positive. This is great and I’m curious where this idea came from…

  • NEVER, NEVER AND I REPEAT, NEVER BUY OR ASK FOR HELP AT THE N1 CITY BRANCH, I Support Chaos all the way, but that branch is a F*****g joke……….Please do something about it, becuase of them i have been strugling to fix my pc for about 6MONTHS, Broke my case, made me remove my graphics card, made me buy new power supply,told me my ram is Fualty, went through 3 mother boards, all after i told them to test my CPU, 1 day at Kenilworth Branch,Pual sorted the problem, and indeed it was the CPU.

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