Make a difference with R10

Eccles_Med Many of you know Lois and her guide dog Eccles. You have seen how amazing a guide dog is, and what a different they make to people’s lives. So why don’t you help to make a difference?

Yesterday we walked past a First National Bank ATM, and there was a sign up advertising that you can make a donation to SA Guide Dogs via SMS. All you need to do is to send an SMS to 38051 with the word “see” in the body of the message, and you will donate R10 to SA guide dogs – simple!

The cost of training a guide dog is over R10000 per dog, so every cent counts. SA Guide Dogs receive no funding from government, so they need all the heop that you can give (apparantly they are an animal charity – even though the dogs actually help people)

Go on, make a difference!

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