Netathlon RAW to HRM (free) utility

This utility has moved and can be downloaded from my primary site here.

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  • Hello,
    i installed your programm RAWtoHRM. When i try to use it, i always get an error

    E:\Programme\..\RAW Files\Bike2009-12-24 11-25am.RAW processed ERROR. Die Zeichenfolge wurde nicht als g├╝ltiges DateTime erkannt.

    Is it a bug or is it my fault?

    Thank for an answer.
    Merry Chrismas and a happy new year


  • Thanks for the great little file converter. Its a treasure.

  • Thanks, I wrote it out of personal frustration, so I am sure a few folks will like it.


  • Help…my ultra coach Pam blew up and I need to convert my files to hrm. Site says unavailable .

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