Why is it so difficult to speak to anybody at Vodacom?

I had to unblock the SIM card on my Vodacom datacard, which should be a simple task; I had to phone the call centre twice, and navigate through menu’s nine levels deep to eventually get hold of a real person to assist me. When I eventually spoke to a human, she gave me great assistance and solved my problem in about 2 minutes. However it took me far longer trying to navigate my was through their system.

Wouldn’t it be nice if at the first menu they gave you an option to speak to a real person?

I just wish that customer-card would actually mean the care of the customers’ needs, and not just the cheapest and least labour intensive solution to your customer problems.

The worst part is that when you finally speak to a person, you are so grateful that somebody has actually answered the phone, that you don’t complain in case they disconnect you, and you can never find you way back through the labyrinth!

Well, at least it wasn’t the Multichoice call centre, where you have to speak to the voice recognition system that never quite manages to understand you.

2 Onions to all poorly run call centres!


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