Dinner with Bruce, Melissa and baby Emily

On Friday we had supper with my cousin Bruce and his wife Melissa. We met at a great  restaurant called John’s Pizzeria just of Time Square. I had forgotten how crazy Time Square is, with all the bright lights and TV screens. The screens seem to be getting bigger and bigger (and also better quality) – I would love to get one for home!

USA 014


Although we had to wait about an hour before we got our table, the pizza’s were great, and in good American tradition, they were huge. Two were plenty enough for four of us to share. The highlight of the evening was to meet our new cousin, Emily. She was  on born six weeks ago, and this was her first official outing, so it was quite a treat for all. We were also the first of the Cameron side of the family to meet her!

USA 026

Emily Cameron

It was not the greatest picture, but she was being really quiet and we didn’t want to disturb her, but she is really sweet!

USA 027

Here is proud dad feeding her.

USA 028

We had a great evening, and it was cool to catch up with some of the family in USA, and to get to spend time with my techie cousin. It is kind of bizarre that in a family of Camerons (who are generally very quite), both Bruce and I love public speaking, and are absolute techno-junkies.

Thanks guys for dinner, hope to see you next Sunday for dinner.

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