Simply not vain enough

I received the strangest email today:

I am pleased to announce that Cds Solutions has been selected for the 2009 Best of Montrose Award in the Automotive Accessories category by the US Commerce Association…You may arrange to have your award sent directly to Cds Solutions by following the simple steps on the 2009 Best of Montrose Award order form



Ashley Carter
Selection Committee Chair
US Commerce Association

Now, this is really strange for a few reasons:

  1. My company does  not work in the automotive industry
  2. It does not work in Montrose
  3. CDS Solutions is just me in Cape Town, now why would an American Commerce association be interested in this business?
  4. According to their website, they only operate in America

A Google search seems to indicate that this is either a scam, or a “Vanity Award” organisation. So while I am flattered, I wonder what I would have to pay to receive the actual award! Update – the award costs between $79.99 and $199.99, depending on which particular plaque you wish to receive. This is one award that will not be displayed in my lounge.

Bizarre; has this happened to you!

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