Locals Only – skateboarders in 1975

Here is a book to read if you are interested in photography. Locals Only – a photobook of skateboarders in southern California in 1975.

This book is a documentary of a different era. Aside from some astonishing photos, it documents a post-60’s time. The grainy and warm nature of the film gives it an authentic feel that is difficult to capture on modern digital cameras.

Framing is such an important aspect of photography, and these pictures provide a unique perspective on skateboarding.

I would recommend this book to anybody interested in photography, the 70’s, or skateboarding. It is published by AMMO Books (ISBN:9781934429471)

2 Responses to Locals Only – skateboarders in 1975

  • Sweden’s first ever skateboard pro was a guy from my home town, Tungelsta. He moved to California in the late 1970s. He was always out with his skateboard. He did good for himself in the US, but sadly died in a plane crash in California.

  • Well, these shots were taken in California in the late 70’s, so I wonder if he was in any of them?

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