Lamb Shank

On Saturday night Lois made me slow-cooked lamb shank with mushrooms and baby tomatoes. Of course lots of chilli and garlic went in as well. The strange thing in our house is that Lois is vegetarian (ok that in itself is not that strange), but Lois is usually the one that cooks the meat dishes, and I am the one that usually cook the vegetarian dishes.

So while I cooked Lois a pumpkin bake, she cooked me the lamb shank. Personally, I think that I got the better deal :-)





2 Responses to Lamb Shank

  • This is just too funny! Not the photo, the commentary! My wife’s name is Lois and she is a vegetarian, also! But I don’t cook, so she’s got to do all of that! Well, I can boil eggs and heat up a frozen dinner! ;-)

    This looks very enticing! Maybe you should go into food photography?

    Thanks for your visits to our blogs and for your nice comments. That’s much appreciated. I think we’re going to have some fun sharing our photography!

  • Ha ha! That is funny, maybe you can get your Lois to cook you lamb shank as well. And yes I would love to go into food photography, I love shooting food that makes your mouth water.

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