Old trailer

I almost got chased by a tracter when shooting this shot. I was driving down a back road near Puigcerda in the Pyrenees when I saw some old and broken down farm buildings.

I had to stop and investigate, and was promptly confronted by a farmer in a huge tractor demanding to know what I was doing, no doubt on his land.

Once he realised I was a crazy foreigner with a camera he decided I was not a threat and just drove off (or perhaps he went to get reinforcements; I never did find out).

So I took a few shots as quickly and got out of there just in case the reinforcements were on their way. I like this shot of the trailer, and while it still looks pretty servicable, I like the colouring the late afternoon sun gives to the shot.

What do you think? I would love the feedback.
Old Trailer

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