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Beer festival time


The South Yeasters Beer Club (of which I am a member) are hosting a beer festival this Sunday, at the SAB brewery in Newlands. There will be over 40 home-made beers available to sample. So if you want to check out the home-brew scene, or just try some amazing beers pop over for an hour or two. Tickets are R100 (that’s about what you will pay retail for 3 craft beers – you will get to try over 40).

To get you in the mood, here are a few pics from my brewery.

Emilys Lair small

International Absinthe Day

Don’t forget that today is¬†International Absinthe Day, so remember to have some when you get home this evening (like you really need an excuse that is).

This local absinthe (which in my opinion is much better than the Czech Absinthe) is made by my friend Roger Jorgensen
Pouring Absinthe in the traditional manner.
In Prague you can get it on every street corner, and if the drink is not to your taste, try the ice cream or a cocktail. But be warned, it is dangerous stuff.

The meal we almost ate

We had dinner the other day at one of the restaurants at the V&A Waterfront and Lois ordered one of the vegetarian meals. This divine looking vegetarian platter arrived a few minutes later (certainly much better than the baked potato, spinach and ¬†butternut vege platters of the 80′s). But the only problem is that it is not what she ordered. But that didn’t stop me from taking a quick photo of it before it was whisked away to be rapidly replaced with the correct meal.

Trdelnik from Prague

These amazing pastries are cooked fresh and sold on every street corner in Prague. They are cooked on rollers above hot coals, then doused in sugar and cinnamon and eaten hot. While I don’t usually eat pastries, these are worth making an exception for. They are cheap and yummy. If you want to be really decadent you can sometimes find them dipped in chocolate.

My new braai plank

It was with a little scepticism that I tried out a braai plank. It is simply a piece of fragrant wood (oak, birch, mapel etc) that you soak in water for a few hours, and then cook your meat or veges on in on the braai or weber. So I decided to try some roasted peppers, chillies and onions, and after using it once I am completely hooked. They were succulent, roasted perfectly and had a wonderful smokey taste.

I have not cooked meat on it yet (the road was cooked next to it on the grid), but that will be done soon. I am completely hooked on the braai plank. It adds a new dimension to cooking on the braai.

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