Penguin at Bolders Beach

It is fun being a tourist in your home town. This penguin was shot at Boulders Beach, on of the few colonies of African Penguins in the world.

It is hard work being a puppy



It has hard work being so cute, and you need a lot of naps to keep your energy.

The retriever that does…

I don’t think that we need to worry about Emily being a retriever that doesn’t. She is showing clear signs of retrieving and carrying everything all over the house.

This is her latest, carrying her food bowl to the bedroom. Is she hinting or something?

By the way, she is 13 weeks old today, and is already over 10kg.


On our way…


Almost there…

I think she likes her new home

I think that Emily is happy, but she never stops! But she is so cute.

I think they will get on just fine…

Emily and Cassius

Emily and Cassius

Emily is so quiet, she has a cat’s bell on her collar for the time being.

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