More of the deer

These deer live in the woods right next to Marc and Paddy’s house. You often see them in the morning and evening eating the grass, and occasionally on the side of the road. I hope they are going to be ok.


Strange Artistic Zebra

I saw this girl grazing on the pavement in Clearmont. According to her caption, she is part of an organisation called World for all.

There is also a quote from Nelson Mandela which says

colour, race and gender become only a God-given gift to each one of us and not an…attribute that accords a special status to any

According to their website,

we should highlight South Africa‚Äôs contribution to a world beset by challenges. South Africa stands out as an example of doing what is counter-intuitive: forging unity out of apartheid, negotiating a settlement after years of violence, and reconciling those who have been perpetrators and victims of brutality.”

Anything that helps our world to move forward to a better place gets my vote.

Day 166: Seagull Landing

Day 166: Seagull Landing, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

A seagull caught just as he was landing in shallow water in Zandvlei, Cape Town. It it such a wonderfully calm day today (especially after the howling wind yesterday). I was just walking around the vlei, enjoying the sun on my back, and taking a few shots of the birds.

Here are two more:

Seagull in flight

Seagull in flight; notice the reflection in the water.

Seagull in flight

And finally, another Seagull in flight. In the background is Park Island with Marina da Gama in the far background.

Day 149: Emily and Friends

Day 149: Emily, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

Emily is now about 8 months old, and weights in at over 32kg. She still manages to have that really cute puppy-dog expression on her face “it is such hard work being so cute”.

Here are two of her siblings:


Eccles is Lois’ guide dog. She is a cross between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. She has always had the gray on the muzzle, but it is starting to get a little more profound.

Cassius is the old boy of the house. Even though he is not a boxer, he is named after Cassius Clay (the boxer). He is starting to feel the cold in his bones, but he is such a lovely dog.

And since today’s pic is of Emily, we will finish off with another pic of her.

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