Argus Cycle Tour

Argus Cycle Tour

Yesterday was the Argus Cycle Tour, a 109k cycle through Cape Town. I have ridden about 6 or 7 of them, but since I discovered the world of running I have barely been on a bike. But I was still on the side of the road with camera in hand.

Argus Cycle Tour photos

This year I was not riding the Argus Cycle Tour, but that did not stop me from being on the side of the road taking photos, and offering some support to the 35000 cyclists that races that 109km route around Cape Town.

Both last year and the year before had absolutely shocking weather, with the wind hitting over 120km/h at some places. Well, bad luck did not come in threes. The weather was warm with a gentle cooling breeze just managing to  take the edge off the heat. Absolutely perfect weather for cycling.

To the person that stopped and chatted to me on the side of the road. No, Boyes Drive is not the second worst hill on the race, in fact it hardly counts as a hill. Smits, Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie are far, far worse.  But I couldn’t tell you only 25km out that the worst hills were still to come.

Speeding Union Jack


Pausing on the hill


A cyclist speeding along Boyes Drive

Cyclists at the top of one of the many hills on Boyes Drive

Day 160: Bicycle

Day 160: Bicycle, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

Just 264 days until the 2011 Argus Cycle Tour on 13 March 2011, I should probably start training sometime.

Day 88: Chapman’s Peak during the race

Chapman’s Peak during the Argus Cycle Tour. This most be one of the most beautiful roads to cycle on. If you look carefully, you can see the road covered in little ants, which are in fact the cyclists.

You can view the entire set here.

Day 87: Road closed (but not for me)

Tomorrow many of the major roads in and around will be closed for the cycle tour. This sign is just before my house, with 88km still to go!

The best part of the race is that it is one day that cyclists own the road (all 35000 of us riding tomorrow). The total distance is about 109km, so please think of good weather, no wind and fast hills.

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