black and white

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple. Shot in Prague in October 2013. I saw them in wedding outfits by chance about 2 days later.

Casa Batllo

Inside on of the rooms in the strange Casa Batllo, Barcelona. One of the many surreal, strange yet compelling artworks by Gaudi.

Krakow Castle

One of the courtyards at Krakow Castle (Wawel Castle). This is almost the only photograph that I managed to take of the castle since they would not let me shoot anywhere inside the buildings (and my camera does not even have a flash!). While the castle was interesting, it felt like the last outpost of communism. Everything was regulated as to where you can go, when you can go, how long you could be there etc. It was not the most tourist-friendly experience that I have ever had.

Old Farmhouse

I took this shot of the farmhouse about 2 years ago in Stellenbosch, some lovely old buildings in the country. I never liked the original processing, so here is take 2.
Old Farmhouse

Sitting on a chair

I have been playing around with black and white conversion of some of my photos. Specifically using dodge and burn to bring out the contrast and detail in pictures. These are two of my results.

Sitting on a chair

This was taken on Greenmarket Square, a trading area in the Cape Town city centre. This man was sitting on an office chair in the middle of the street, reading the morning newspaper. If you look closely, you can read the headlines “public whipping”.

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