Gandalf the cat

Gandalf the Cat has one blue eye, and one green eye (and no photoshop tricks here, he really looks like that). He also has a floppy ear.

Dune Flowers

These little dune floweres were gallantly growing on the sand-dunes in Pringle Bay. I think that they were enjoying a wind-free day and the hot weather. I think that the bright pink against the blue backgroup is quite pretty.

Birds landing

Birds landing, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

There is a tiny lagoon on the beach, just opposite the landfill on Baden Powell drive which I often drive past. In the morning it is covered in Seagulls and small birds enjoying the shallow waters.

Today I stopped to take a pic of them, and I gaught this show of the two birds fighting (or possibly mating). I really don’t know Seagulls too well, but they constantly literally flying into each other and almost chasing each other away.

It was an interesting site, and I think it makes quite a nice photo.

Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

Muizenberg Beach taken from the top of Boyes Drive. From this height, you can truly see the magnificence and size of the beach. It literally goes on for miles. In the front, all the little dots are people surfing in the waves.

In summer you cannot move because of the crowds, and of course the traffic can be a little crazy, but on winter days like today it is truly magnificent.

We sometimes take the dogs for walks on the beach, you are allowed to and the dogs (and all their friends) have a wonderful time running and playing in the waves.

Newlands Forest reservoir

One of the many reservoir’s that are found along the edges of Table Mountain. This one is just on the edge of Newlands forest.

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