Roman Church

I love the old buildings in Europe, especially the Churches with such care put into the lovely architecture.

I don’t know which church this it (if you know please let me know), but it is somewhere on the bus route between the station and Vatican City in Rome (no it is not the Basilica). I particularity love the marble-like clouds framing the dome of the church.

Update: Thanks to Cristina, the church is the Santa Maria di Loreto, built in the 16th century.
Church in Rome


I had a meeting in Bo-Kaap today, an old suburb just on the outside of the city bowl. The lovely sunshine was perfect weather to shoot a few pictures and play with my new 10/22mm lens before my next meeting.

The whole neighbourhood is colourfully painted, and being a traditional Muslim area, they are lots of beautifully build Mosques to photograph.

You can find out more on the Bo-Kaap website:

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

This is an interesting little palace that I found; literally “of the snail”. I love the quaint outside staircase winding up to the sky. I got completely lost while looking for it, resulting in an extended tour of the area, but it is such a lovely little building, tucked away in a quiet little square. I believe that it was build in 1499, so I think it is looking pretty good.

If you have the opportunity, visit this little palace off the beaten track.

Venitian Roads and Bridges

Little canal in Venice

You get used to these bridges very quickly; every journey of more than a minute requires walking up and down one of the many pedestrian bridges in Venice.

Venetian Bridge

While there are lots of bridges, everything is so close that the walk is never too far.

Canal in Venice

This is the view that I saw from our hotel bedroom. Typically Venetian. From time to time, I would hear a Gondolier punting past, singing Italian love songs to his passengers.

Temple of Hercules Victor

Temple of Hercules Victor

The Temple of Hercules Victor in Forum Boarium was originally thought to have been a temple of Vesta. Although the temple is in the middle of Rome, the marble used to build the temple was from Athens!

The temple is located in the oldest forum in Rome, as was built around 2BC. Driving past the temple is a little strange, because on the one side you have a wonderful garden, and on the other a large and busy freeway. But then I suppose that can be said about many of the sites and places in Rome, whereby you can drive past an archaeological dig right next to an office building.

In case you are wandering, Hercules was the protector of the olive trade.

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