Old Truck

Old Truck

This is the last of the shots from the recent Classic car expo (unless I find anymore that I have missed). I love the classic feel to this old truck, complete with wooden spokes and the wishbone suspension. If you scratched around in the bed of the truck, you could find all manner of interesting things, including old car radios, speedometers, wires and random tools.

The truck is still licensed and in running order, I am glad that somebody is looking after it.

Cars @ Ink & Iron

On Saturday, I went to the Ink & Iron expo in Plumstead, a celebration of cars, bikes, and tattoos. I am going to split this over four posts, today is the cars, soon to be followed by the bikes, people and ink.

Chevrolet Truck. The funny thing about this truck is that I drove past it about 10 days ago and thought what a great car it would be to shoot, and there it was, so I got my shot after all.

Chevrolet Camaro

An old ford, converted into a Hotrod – I love this car!

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