Krakow Castle

One of the courtyards at Krakow Castle (Wawel Castle). This is almost the only photograph that I managed to take of the castle since they would not let me shoot anywhere inside the buildings (and my camera does not even have a flash!). While the castle was interesting, it felt like the last outpost of communism. Everything was regulated as to where you can go, when you can go, how long you could be there etc. It was not the most tourist-friendly experience that I have ever had.

The Vladislav Hall

The Vladislav Hall in the Prague Castle complex dates back to 1493. At over 60m long, it was the largest secular space in medieval Prague.

Changing of the Guard

The changing of the guard at Prague Castle.

Scary Statues

These scary statues stand above the gates to Prague Castle. I think they are a warning to all.
Prague Castle
And bashing

St George slays the Dragon

St George slays the Dragon at Prague Castle. The original statue (which is in the National Gallery) was cast in the 1300’s.

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