Happy Birthday to Emily

Happy Birthday Emily, hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday. You are a very cute monster dog, but no longer a puppy, so please continue to behave a little better.

Emily at a year

The little one as a puppy, before she ate the step-stool (yes taken on my old phone, so sorry about the image quality).

Emily trying to rope me in

Cute enough to share – Emily trying to rope me in

Day 149: Emily and Friends

Day 149: Emily, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

Emily is now about 8 months old, and weights in at over 32kg. She still manages to have that really cute puppy-dog expression on her face “it is such hard work being so cute”.

Here are two of her siblings:


Eccles is Lois’ guide dog. She is a cross between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. She has always had the gray on the muzzle, but it is starting to get a little more profound.

Cassius is the old boy of the house. Even though he is not a boxer, he is named after Cassius Clay (the boxer). He is starting to feel the cold in his bones, but he is such a lovely dog.

And since today’s pic is of Emily, we will finish off with another pic of her.


Emily, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

I caught this shot of Emily, who actually managed to keep still for more than 2 seconds. When we got her about 4 1/2 months ago, she weighed 6kg, now she is over 30kg!

Day 79: Officer, my dog ate my speeding fine

Officer, my dog ate my fine. No really she did, and I have proof.

I have just realised that this is my 500th blog post!

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