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Seal in Kalk Bay Harbour

This seal is a legend in Kalk Bay. You often see him sunning himself on the harbour wall, and when he gets too hot (or board of the tourists photographing him), he simply climbs to the top of the harbour wall and launches himself over the side into the sea.
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Seal watching the sea

I have been to Kalk Bay Harbour loads of times, and I have often seen seals in the harbour. But I have never seen one on the harbour wall before, and definitely not one watching the world go by. This huge guy sat there watching the world for a few minutes, and then he hopped up and with an almighty splash dived over into the sea.

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Kalk Bay Harbour

Kalk Bay Harbour

My previous shot was of the drying snoek. There is a fair chance that the snoek was caught off a boat that left from this harbour early in the morning.

Aside from the fishing boats, the harbour wall still has many line fishermen using the harbour wall to fish from. While it looks like this fisherman was taking a break on his phone, you can see his fishing rod pushed into a whole made for the purpose, and there is a line cast in the water.

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