Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay Harbour

Kalk Bay Harbour

My previous shot was of the drying snoek. There is a fair chance that the snoek was caught off a boat that left from this harbour early in the morning.

Aside from the fishing boats, the harbour wall still has many line fishermen using the harbour wall to fish from. While it looks like this fisherman was taking a break on his phone, you can see his fishing rod pushed into a whole made for the purpose, and there is a line cast in the water.

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay

On Saturday night we had supper in Fish Hoek, the sleepy community just south of where I live. In Cape Town they say that if you travel North you cross the “Boerewors curtain”, literally the Sausage Curtain when you hit the northern suburbs, and the “Lentil Curtain” when you go South.

This is almost impossible to explain without offending somebody, but the best I can do is to say that it is a reference to the traditional meat-eating Afrikaans population in the North, and the tree-hugging vegetarians in the South. Ok, I did warn you it is impossible to explain, but living in Lakeside probably makes me a meat-eating tree hugger.

Anyway, if you drive along Boyes Drive, a short and picturesque mountain road from Lakeside to Kalk Bay, you get some amazing views of False Bay. This shot is (yet another) of Kalk Bay Harbour, literally on the border of the Lentil Curtain. The harbour has some lovely restaurants, and is still home to traditional fishing. You can still buy fresh fish straight off the boats on most mornings.

Kalk Bay Harbour (watercolour)

Lots of people have said that my recent Kalk Bay Harbour shot would make a nice painting, well with a little help from a friend (PhotoShop), here is the watercolour :-) Which version do you prefer?

Kalk Bay Harbour

Fishing boats in Kalk Bay Harbour

I shot this picture on the way to dinner at the Harbour House Restaurant last night, where I had a fantastic piece of yellow-tail for dinner. This is one of the most photographed places in Cape Town, and even though I have taken hundreds of pictures here, I still cannot resist taking another few pictures every time that I come here.

C’est La Vie

C’est La Vie bakery, Rosmead Road, Kalk Bay. They have wonderful French baguettes and other interesting breads. I read about them in the BA airline magazine on Sunday, and today I went to find them. They are a little out of the way but quite easy to fine. They also have a few tables outside where you can order sit-down meals, but we brought the baguettes home for lunch, and they are wonderfully fresh and chewy, just like a real baguette should be.

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