Wayne Hussey in Cape Town

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No SLR allowed – cell phone pic – the best camera is the one in your hand :-)

Wayne Hussey played in Cape Town last night.

Who would have thought, Wayne Hussey with a ukulele! It is 15 years since he last played in Cape Town, I cannot believe that it is so long ago that we say the Mission playing at CBC in Town. But he is doing a pretty good acoustic set (and yes – there are a few backing tracks!). His voice is still fantastic.

He did a version of Martha’s Harbour by All About Eve on a keyboard; a really fantastic version. He is pretty good on the keys.

All the goths were at the gig; but this time older, balder and better behaved. We left at about 11:15pm, and from about 11 a lot of people started leaving. Even the old goths have to get home now to the kids and to be awake for work the next day!

But there were a surprisingly number of younger people there; people that probably were not even born when the Mission were playing.

A great evening!


Prague is a very musical city. We stayed right next door to the music academy, and many of the churches have evening concerts. And if you don’t want to pay anything just walk around and listen to one of the many buskers on the streets of Prague.

Robin Auld at De Waal Park

Yesterday afternoon Lois and I went to watch Robin Auld playing live in De Waal Park. Robin has been around forever (ok since the 80’s), but he is an integral part of Cape Town musical history. We had not seen him play for ages, so it was a treat. I think we last saw him at the Masque Theatre about 2 or 3 years ago. Anyway he has a few more gigs in Cape Town before he heads back to the UK, so head on down if you can.

De Waal Park has music every two weeks or so, and the best part (aside from an excuse to go and have a picnic on the lawns under the trees) is that the concerts are free. Just arrive and enjoy the afternoon (Arno Carstens is in two weeks).



A garden party

Fully Covered

There is a band that to the best of my knowledge perform only once a year. They are called Fully Covered, and every February they play a gig at somebody’s house in Bergvliet. Hence the name of the gig “Fully Covered Garden Party”. The garden is large enough for  about 400 people to spread themselves and their picnics around the lawn, and to spend a few hours listening to some great music. This is precisely what we did on Saturday evening.

Fully Covered

This is the second time that I have gone to the Garden Party (thanks Sarah), and both times have been so much fun. I was enjoying the music (and my glass of bubbly) far too much to take many photos, but I did manage to snap off a few; strangely enough mostly of the drummer.

Garden PartyGarden Party



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