Charles Bridge at night

Charles Bridge, Prague at night with the beautiful castle and cathedral in the background.

Trdelnik from Prague

These amazing pastries are cooked fresh and sold on every street corner in Prague. They are cooked on rollers above hot coals, then doused in sugar and cinnamon and eaten hot. While I don’t usually eat pastries, these are worth making an exception for. They are cheap and yummy. If you want to be really decadent you can sometimes find them dipped in chocolate.

The rooftops of Prague

The city of Prague, seeing from the Castle shows pretty red roofs and quiet courtyards.

The Changing of the Guard

By chance we saw this this elaborate ceremony at Prague Castle. While I have called it “The Changing of the Guard”, I am not convinced that it is since it happened around 9:25am, which is completely off-schedule. However it was quite impressive to watch.

Here are a few pics.

Standing at attention
On guard


Followed by the bikes.

Going down the stairs

A businessman walks down a long flight of stairs between meetings.