Angry bird

This bird spent the entire day knocking on our bedroom window’ I think that he is either trying to beat up or mate with his reflection. My suspicion is that he has spotted a rival and is not very happy about it. Hope he does not tire himself out and takes some time to chill a little.



Reflective Sunrise

Another lovely sunrise after a very wet few stormy days. I think that we are still going to have some more storms, and that this was just a brief interlude. The green belt around the vlei is completely waterlogged. Even the ducks have started using the puddles as paddling pools.

Reflection of statue in water

A statue reflecting in one of the many ponds at the Company Gardens early on Tuesday morning.

In case you are wondering what I was doing in town so early in the morning, I was visiting the Italian Consulate to arrange my EU visa. I arrived a little early, and since the Company Gardens were just around the corner, an early-morning stroll through the gardens was the perfect way to start the day.

By the way, the consulate was really efficient; I was in and out in about 10 minutes. In theory I collect my visa tomorrow.

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