Silvermine nature reserve

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My broker and sister in law have been on holiday in Cape Town for the past couple of weeks, so I have spend a lot of time acting as an impromptu tour guide. So for today’s trip we decided to go for a walk around the reservoir in the Silvermine nature reserve, and for a walk along one of the many hiking trails.

My SLR was a little heavy to carry around the mountain trails so I just took my point and shoot and I think that this shot is more proof that the best camera is the one you have with you.


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The Pumphouse


I had a meeting in the Gardens yesterday, and on the way back I noticed this strange old building (it probably contains water pumps or something) sticking out into a water reservoir. I love the way it was built to be functional, but to still look pretty. Also can you see the two rows of birds sitting on the railing?

I have been in this suburb about a million times, and it is amazing how you can live in the same place for so long, and think you know an area so well, and yet you still stumble on things that you have no idea existed in the first place. A very unexpected find.

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