Waterfall on the Coutour Path

This is what trail running is all about in Cape Town; this was shot on this afternoon’s run on the contour path just past Skeleton Gorge (Window Gorge?).

Winter storms

We had a very late winter storm over the weekend, and finally today has dawned into a wonderfully clear blue sky. But the mountain streams are gushing with all the runoff, and if you look around you can find some wonderful waterfalls that are usually dry or just a small trickle.

Winter waterfall

Waterfall behind Kalk Bay

Waterfall behind Kalk Bay, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

We had quite a lot of rain on Saturda. which made the waterfalls on the mountain really full today. This is a 1.3 second exposure of one of the waterfalls on Boyes Drive, behind Kalk Bay.


Day 112: Waterfall

Day 112: Waterfall, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

Waterfall at a business park, caught mid-motion

Waterfall in the Elgin Mountains (2)

Waterfall in the Elgin Mountains

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