A rose by any other name

A nice bright yellow rose to brighten up the day. Taken at Aunth Ruth’s 90th birthday party.


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1600



Strange House

This strange house was spotted in Pringle Bay, just outside of Cape Town.

Spring flowers in Cape Town

Spring is such a great time to take photos in Cape Town. You can walk down almost any road and you will find hundreds of little yellow and while flowers growing in every field, and out of every crack in every pavement.

When the sun hides away, the flowers seem to mysteriously disappear, but as soon as the sum comes out, they burst forth in a bright symphony of colour. Above is a lone yellow flower, growing in the grass, and below a yellow field bursting forth with colour.

Yellow field of flowers


Sunrise, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

A cotton-wool cloud sunrise; taken on the way to work one morning.

Day 177: Sunset

Day 177: Sunset, originally uploaded by Craig is shooting.

Yeah yeah, yet another sunset, they are just so easy to take at this time of year :-)

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