Ordering food in France

There is a certain amount of guesswork when ordering food in France. Translating some of the dishes into English does not always yield the expected results. This is generally fine for me (who is always a bit adventurous), but not so favourable for somebody like Lois – who is vegetarian. She did not appreciate the ham on her salad.

For one meal, I was convinced that I had ordered a steak (and was most assured when the waiter asked how I would like it done – medium, rare etc). I was a bit surprised to be served with rare lamb chops. They were very good, but I am used to my lamb cooked dead on the braai.

On another occasion, I ordered a pork rasher dish, and when it arrived it was huge. Because Lois was not very hungry, she just ordered a salad. A few days later the waitress told us that the meal I had ordered was actually for two, and they assumed it was for us both! (they were very discrete at the time)

P7030179 Since Avignon is very close to the sea, the seafood is really good (and much cheaper than in Cape Town).  The seafood platter I ordered the one evening was fantastic. You can see the photo on the left. I ordered a steak tartar from the same restaurant another evening, and it was absolutely superb.

However, I am still glad that I never enquired too closely about the contents of the sausage I ordered in Paris…..

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