Health Bread


This bread is really great, because it does not require any kneading or rising time. It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare. Here’s the recipe (adapted from the back of a box):


  • 500 ml sifted cake flour
  • 500 ml nutty wheat
  • 10 ml salt
  • 20 ml honey or brown sugar
  • 10 ml bicarb
  • 500 ml plain yoghurt
  • 200 ml milk
  • 50g nuts (optional – I used pecan nuts)


  • Mix the flour, nutty wheat and salt
  • Add the honey and bicarb to the yoghurt
  • Add the yoghurt and nuts to the flour mixture and mix in well
  • Gradually add the milk to get a moist consistency (you may not need it all)
  • Put in a bread tin, and bake at 180 deg C for about 1 hour

You can also add dried fruit or raisins if you like.


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