National Braai Day (part 2)


Saturday morning started with a very mild spring day. Lois and I had a Toastmasters Humour contest to attend over lunch, after which the plan was to go and buy the ingredients for our braai later that evening.

After the contest, we stepped outside into a very cold and wet Saturday afternoon. I am not sure what happened while we were inside, but something had gone very wrong with the weather. Anyway, not to worry (at least for us), we would use the indoor braai.

Braai_day_029We only had a couple of friends coming around, so we decided to keep the menu simple. This is what we ate:

  • Home made bread (no kneeding required!)
  • Chicken kebabs (from Woolies)
  • Wors (bbq sausage)
  • Braised potatoe wedges
  • Green salad


Ready to go!

While we had a great evening, the weather really did not play along. I am hoping that spring arrives in full force, and we can start having some proper outdoor braais, at lunchtime and in the sun!

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