Argus Cycle Tour

ArgusMuch to my surprise, I have discovered that I am going to be riding the Argus Cycle Tour next year! Now while I did ride it in 1990 and have always been thinking about riding it again, I never really thought that I would.

It all started at the Toastmasters Conference in Port Elizabeth, where we met Geoff and Jann, two wonderful people who are the trustees of the John Whiffen Golden City Memorial Trust*. This is a trust that has been setup specifically to promote and support personal growth for the disadvantaged / physically / mentally challenged individuals and groups in South African society. Since John was a very keen cyclist, the trust arranges for several people to ride the Argus as a fund raiser and awareness campaign for the trust.

So I was quite innocently chatting to Geoff and Jann, when before I knew it I had been roped into joining Team Whiffen (that will teach me to gate-crash somebody else’s table). So, next March I shall be riding approx 110 km around the beautiful city of Cape Town. I guess I had better get on a bike and start training!

We are having an internal contest amongst the team members to see who can raise the most funds, so please contact me should you wish to pledge a donation. I will be receiving the official paperwork with fund-raising numbers etc shortly.

*John Whiffen, a keen Toastmaster, was tragically killed in an industrial accident on 8 March 2004, five days before he was due to cycle the Argus tour (for the 6th time). He was instrumental in starting the Golden Gavel Toastmasters club in Johannesberg, a club specifically for disabled people. The John Wiffen trust is continuing to keep John’s dream of providing communication skills to disabled people alive.

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