Cool way to manage archives in TypePad

I have created a really nifty way to be able to display all of my archives in the sidebar (currently, TypePad only shows the last ten months – when I want to be able to see all of the months).

If you create a typelist of type ‘notes’, you can literally copy and paste the below code into it, and add the typelist to your log (remember to remove the default archive link). The only problem with the below approach is that each month you will need to add the latest month to the top, but that is a fairly simple process.

Please feel free to use the below code (use at own risk etc…) – I would like to know if you do use it though. Rememer to change the base URL (in bold below).

Maybe TypePad will think of adding that as part of their default functionality.

***** START HERE *****

<FORM NAME="Archive">
<SELECT name=’sDate’">
<OPTION value=’2006/02′>February 2006</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2006/01′>January 2006</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/12′>December 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/11′>November 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/10′>October 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/09′>September 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/08′>August 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/07′>July 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/06′>June 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/05′>May 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/04′>April 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/03′>March 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/02′>February 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/01′>January 2005</OPTION>
<OPTION value=’2005/12′>December 2004</OPTION>

<INPUT type=button value=’Go’ name=’cmdGo’ onclick=’ChangeDate()’/>

<script language=’jscript’>
function ChangeDate()
document.location.href=‘‘ + document.forms(‘Archive’).sDate.value + ‘/index.html’;

***** STOP HERE *****

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