My top ten traffic dislikes

Schools have just gone back after their Christmas break, which of course means that the rush-hour traffic is getting back to its normal levels. For me, it means that my 20 minute drive into work now takes about 40 minutes. The universities go back in about two weeks, so I am waiting with great trepidation until then.

So, in honour of the increased traffic flow, here are my top ten traffic dislikes:

1) Drivers that hoot at you from behind as soon as the robot (traffic light) changes to green.

2) Pedestrians that walk in the road when there is a perfectly good pavement. The same applies to joggers.

3) Cyclists that don’t ride in single file and insist on riding abreast of each other.

4) Slow drivers that insist on driving in the fast lane.

5) Unroadworthy cars and trucks that spew out black smoke into your face.

6) People who take up two parking bays when parking.

7) Perfectly abled people who park in disabled parking bays.

8) People that slow down and ‘rubber neck’ at an accident scene.

9) Drivers who think that switching their emergency indicators on makes it legal for them to park directly under a no stopping sign.

10) And finally, Cape Town drivers who forget how to drive every time it rains.

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