Saving water damaged electronic equipment

I have been amazed to find that about 1/3 of the queries that I get on the website are from people who have put their iPod shuffle’s through the washing machine. I was not the first person to do this, and definately not the last.

So, here is a list of my suggestions as to how to minimise damage to an iPod (or any other electronic device) that has got wet. I hope you manage to minimise the water damage. I cannot guarantee that they will fix your iPod, but by following the instructions, you should have a pretty good chance of it working again.

Instructions to (hopefully) save your device:

  1. Don’t rush
  2. Remove the battery and power cords immediately (for the iPod you are pretty much stuck there). Most damage occurs not because it got wet, but because the water (which conducts electricity) shorted out a component .
  3. Open it up as much as reasonably possible (eg: remove the covers from a cell phone, open a computer and remove the boards etc). The aim here is to allow for any trapped water to be removed.
  4. Gently shake off any excess water.
  5. With a hair-dryer on low to medium, gently blow dry the item for several minutes. Concentrate on the joins and around buttons and connections (ie: anywhere water could have gotten in). Make sure it does not get too hot.
  6. Leave it for several hours to dry (at least a day), perhaps turning over occasionally to let any trapped water drain off. This is where you must be patient.
  7. Re-assemble and plug it in and hope for the best. At the first sigh of smoke or a burning smell, unplug it immediately. If this happens, its wrecked and should be disposed of.
  8. If it still does not work, repeat the process, but also start thinking about a replacement.
  9. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight to dry – too much head can damage the battery.

I hope you have success, good luck! Ps: please let me know if you have any joy.

The original post about my personal experience is here.

13 Responses to Saving water damaged electronic equipment

  • iPod Shuffle passes washing machine test

    A few weeks ago, in a momentary lack of my intelligence, Lois’ iPod shuffle (or iShuffle as we call it) went through our washing machine (I had left it in my pocket). I realised that it was there about five

  • I recently had a similiar incident with my shuffle. It was accidently put through the wash (in my shorts from work). I left it out for 1 day, tried it and it didnt work.. I thought it was gone.then a mate told me to put it in a bag of rice…??(Apparently the rice sucks any moisture out) Shizam, left it there for three days and now the shuffle works!!

  • What I and other friends have found with flash media devices (such as the Ipod Shuffle) is that if you wash the item, the best thing to do is put it in the dryer. We have never lost a flash media device to date while using this process.

  • My iPod Shuffle accidentally went through the washing machine as well as the dryer. It will not turn on, and my computer could not read it when plugged in. I may just be unlucky. =[

  • i put my ipod nano in the wash and my mom pulled it out and it got destroyed by watter so we put it in my desk for two weekes instead of saving $170.00 to buy a new one. so after two weeks we put the charing cord in the computer and it rebuted. me and my mom were so happy

  • i put my ipod nano in the wash and my mom pulled it out and it got destroyed by watter so we put it in my desk for two weekes instead of saving $170.00 to buy a new one. so after two weeks we put the charing cord in the computer and it rebuted. me and my mom were so happy

  • hello mates, i smoke large amounts of cannabis and wen im mashed i look at this website and its so good… i learn new shit everyday safensss

  • Yeah… I just found out my 4 gig ipod nano 2nd gen just went through the wash… ill try the rice and leave it for awhile… man, this thing was my life, and tomorrow I have to mow the lawn which I usually do with my little music playin buddy.

  • i dropped my ipod into water for almost a minute…i am absolutely heartbroken. like KOG, ‘my little music playin buddy’ meant so much to me. after copious amounts of online research, i will be testing out various methods to save my ‘lil buddy. wish me luck! *crosses fingers*

  • I just washed my new pink 8GB video ipod through in the washing machine. It went through all the cycles and im pissed. i pretty much cried! :( im not sure what i can do so i looked on the internet to see what everbody else was doing.. im gonna put it in a bowl of rice tonight supposively it should work…

  • My parents just had a plumbing fiasco that started in the third floor bathtub. Some of my dad’s electronic and video equipment has gotten wet, but how much so is unclear right now. I emailed both him and my mom this info in hopes they’ll follow your advice.

    Thanks so much.

  • Yea the rice works, at least it worked for my phone. i had jumped in the pool and forgot it was in my pocket. So I immediately took out the battery and went online to seek answers on how to salvage a soaked phone and I found a site that said to make sure to not try to turn it on or push any other buttions because that will alow water to travel into places that it was not already in. Next, take out the battery, I had already done that step but unfortunately I had already pushed buttions. Then, it said to leave the phone (with the back off of it and faceplate off) in the rice to pull the moisture out of it. I also put my battery in there separetly and low and behold It worked! my razr was restored!!

  • How to save your water damaged electronics:

    Step one;
    Don’t push any buttons! (To not let water seep deeper into the appliance).
    Take out the battery.
    Step two;
    Remove face plates, battey cover and all other reasonably removable pieces.
    Step three;
    Submerge all pieces in a bag of rice battery too! Leave it in there for 3 days to one week.
    I know its a long time to live without your device but be patient it really works!
    How it works;
    The rice absorbs moisture!
    I took my razer cell phone swimming in the deep in and it was at the bottom of the pool for minutes! I followed these steps and my phone was back in action! I ened up getting a new battery when I could afford it but it was cheaper than having to purchase a new phone!

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