The Most Miserable Cycle of my Life!

I just had the most miserable cycle of my life!

Last weekend, I cycled about 65 km around the peninsula, at an average speed of about 22km/h. It took me 35 minutes to ride to Simonstown, which is a distance of about 15 km (avg speed 25 km/h). I am very happy with that timing – it should put me in good steed for the 109 km I plan to cycle for next month’s Argus Cycle Tour.

Today, it took me 53 minutes to get to Simonstown, my average was only 17 km/h! This is because the South-Easter – the famous ‘Cape Doctor’, was howling like a gale. It was so hard that I had to peddle on the downhill’s just to keep going! I was being hit by spray from the sea when I was over 50m from the beach!

I hope that the South-Easter takes a break for next month’s Argus. If not, I (and many others) are going to have a very long cycle.

Ps: it was bound to happen sooner or later – I am blogging to complain about the Cape Town weather :-)

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