A challenge to my family

Ok – so my mom and dad have agreed to sponsor me per km to ride the Argus Cycle Tour next Sunday. They are paying me R5 per km, so all going well, that is a total of about R545 or so.

My challenge to you (Andrew, Sally and the rest of the family) is to also sponsor me per km. You don’t have to beat mom and dad’s sponsorship, but you are encouraged to do so. If you prefer, you can simply make a straight donation.

Alternatively, you are of course more than welcome to speak to your respective companies and see what you can get from them…..(aside from my cool cycling gear!)

Of course, you know that the sponsorship is for the John Whiffen Memorial Trust, providing communication and leadership training to physically and mentally disabled people.

So, be generous, put out some money and make a difference!


Lois had agreed to match my parent’s pledge, and my cousin Nicolette has offerer R250 – come on all and better that!

My brother Andrew has agreed to match my cousin Nicolette’s offer of R250.

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