R5896 Raised for Team Whiff!

Dear All-

I would like to say thank you very much for your sponsorship of me cycling the Cape Argus Cycle Tour this year. I did manage to complete it, in what I thought was a very respectable time of 4:42 (hours and minutes – not minutes and seconds!).

In total, Lois and myself managed to raise an amount or R5896 – an amount that we are very pleased about. Of course, the fund raising was for the John Whiffen Golden City Memorial Trust – which provided communication and leadership training to both physically and mentally disabled people.

Come on guys – just R104 to break the R6000 barrier. Lets go for it!

If you wish to find our more about the Trust, please visit www.johnwhiffen.co.za.

Once again – thanks for your donation. It is really appreciated.


ps: I have already committed to cycle the tour for the trust next year – so expect more harassment from me later in the year!

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