Toastmasters at the Waterfront

Tm_waterfront_045Today, Lois and I did something we have never done before. We helped to run a Toastmasters Meeting in the Amphitheatre at the Victoria and Alfred  Waterfront. It was very ably chaired by Martin Louw, assisted by about 10 Toastmasters performing various meeting roles. I presented an evaluation, and Lois did the thanks and closed the meeting. Brian (Lois’ Dad) presented a table topic on the word Key (or Quay), depending on how you spell it!

Tm_waterfront_071 The purpose of the meeting was to bring awareness of Toastmasters to the greater community, and to see if we can draw in a few more members to some of the clubs in Cape Town.

About 150 people watched the meeting, most of whom were locals. There were a few tourists. We handed out plenty of flyers, so let’s see what results we get. I am hoping that a few people will call in the next few days, but hey, even if nobody does then at least we have tried. After all – it was a bit of an experiment.

I have to add that there is a part of me that is convinced that there are people who will watch anything! The movie “the Field of Dreams” famously said “ build it, and they will come”, well I think “speak into a mic, and they will come”. Some of the people there were very interested in what we had to say, but others were just watching the meeting to while away the afternoon! As Lois pointed out to me “hey – if people watch reality TV, they will watch anything”

BannerHowever I will add that it was a very good, professionally run meeting. We had speakers, evaluators, and table topics, and several more people now know what Toastmasters is all about. I think that this type of event is something that we need to consider trying in other areas as well.

I was very amused when Eccles tried to find Lois by looking at the loud-speaker when Lois was using the microphone.

A special thanks to the V&A for very kindly making the venue available to us at no cost, and also to the sound engineers who very ably provided the sound rig and expertise.

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