I am officially hooked

Craigs_bike_1I am officially hooked! I am now a cyclist, and not just a fair-weathered cyclist at that! It started about six months ago, when I volunteered to ride the Argus Cycle tour in aid of a charity. Now over the last six month, the following has happened:

1) I bought a mountain bike
2) I have been going for a cycle most weekends, starting at about 20 km, and rapidly increasing that to about 70km
3) I borrowed a racing bike for the Argus (thanks Nick!)
4) I rode the Argus, and completed it in 4:52
5) I sold my mountain bike
6) I bought a light, sleek and fast racing bike, which I am now peddling on.

But what has really made me realise that I have become a true addict is that on Friday morning I went for a cycle, and it didn’t occur to me that the rain would prevent me from going out at all. It wasn’t pouring with rain, but it was drizzling quite hard, and it really did not bother me at all. I had been riding for about 5km when I realised that it was raining at all. When the rain got harder, I just carried on!

So, I am afraid that there is no hope for me whatsoever, I am hooked, I am a cyclist, and it seems that even the weather cannot keep me off the road.

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