Camembert Cheese Melted on the Braai with baguette

Cheese_011_1This dish makes a great accompaniment to the meat dishes. Even though it’s coming into winter in South Africa, it is part of the Summer Barbeque Challenge, hosted by Lex Culinaria

This is one of my favourite recipes. It is very simple to make, tastes really good, and also is a bit of a party trick at braai’s*. The actual recipe is very loosely based on one of the stories in Peter Mayle’s Provence Trilogy.

So, here goes:

You need the following:

About 10 baby tomatoes
1 camembert cheese (it must be the cheese in the wooden box)
1 baguette
½ bottle of your favourite pesto


Remove the camembert cheese from the box, and remove the inner wrapper.
Put the cheese back into the box, and place it on a grid on the braai for about 10-15 minutesCheese_003
While the cheese is cooking, slice the baguette down the middle, and spread generously with pesto. Slice the baby tomatoes in half, and place on the baguetteCheese_004
Now that the cheese is getting hot and is starting to melt, place it directly onto the coals for about 1-2 minutes. This is where you have to be careful, since we are going to burn the wooden box, while being careful that the cheese does not all melt through.Cheese_005
When the box is nice and burnt, and the cheese is bubbling like crazy, carefully take the off the coals, and pour all over the baguette. Garnish with salt, pepper and herbsCheese_007 Cheese_011
Close the baguette, and slice into pieces about an inch thick, and serve. Yummy!


Let me know what you think!

*Note: a braai is South Africa’s version of a barbeque

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