Skype from a mobile phone?

SkypemobileHere’s an idea for somebody with the right techie inclination.

To make a voice call on a mobile phone is far more expensive than a data call. In general, you pay per minute for a voice call, and per meg for a data call.

Now, to make a Skype call using your PC sound card and Internet connection is basically free. All you pay for is the Internet connection. There is no ‘telephone call’ cost.

So, why can’t you write a Skype client that uses the data call capabilities of a mobile phone, thus allowing for you to make a data connection to the Internet, and to then ‘call’ another mobile phone (or a landline), but using the data connection, and not the voice connection.

Thus, you would be able to make a phone call on a mobile phone for far less that a voice call costs.

Please somebody go ahead and create a Skype Mobile Client.

One Response to Skype from a mobile phone?

  • There is Skype for mobile phones, but for now only Pocket PC based phones and available from For those of us with REAL phones Nokia and Ericcson use Symbian OS (versus Microsoft Pocket PC) and Skype have been hinting that a version will be out soon.

    In the mean time phones with Sybian Series 60 OS can install an application that allows one to use Skype via Bluetooth through your Pc. Obviously, you have to be in Bluetooth range, typically 7 metres.

    I don’t quite understand the point, but there you are.

    If you are interested in the Bluetooth app, try Googling for it.


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