So, you thought you were busy…

I have been a bit quiet on this blog, and it is because I have been really busy. "We’re all busy!", I hear you say, but let me give you a brief rundown of how busy I have been.

Last weekend, I organised a training session on Saturday for 90 people, at which I presented two workshops of an hour each, and I presented two speeches at the workshop. On Sunday, I organised a full day training session for about 50 people (at least I was not involved in running the actual workshop).

Yesterday, I went to an introduction session for a Coaching course which Lois and I are going to be attending over the next six months. The actual course starts on Friday. We leave straight from the course to the airport to fly to Johannesburg, where we have a Toastmasters Strategy session for the weekend. I need to present a speech on Saturday.

The next weekend, Lois and I are flying to Namibia to run a training workshop for the Toastmasters Clubs in Namibia!

The weekend after is my birthday weekend.

This is of course aside from the Toastmasters Club meetings, club rescues and day to day Divisional duties (for me), and District duties (for Lois).

In August, we have the Coaching training on the Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday we leave for the USA for three weeks. At least some of the time overseas is holiday time, but we also have a conference and training sessions out there!

So, if this blog has been a bit quiet, I do apologse, but you know why!

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