Telkom Reduce Internet Costs

According to IOL, Telkom have just announced reduction in the costs of many of their services. Of particular interest to me is that my DSL costs will reduce from R270pm to R245pm. Not great, but to the best of my knowledge this is the first time they have ever reduced any of their charges. In light of the fact that they reported a 36.4% profit, it could have been a lot better, but still not bad (we still have some of the highest Internet costs in the world).

Let’s hope that this is the start of a trend.

2 Responses to Telkom Reduce Internet Costs

  • If this is the start of a trend it had better be a long trend and they’d better not wait another year until the next step!

    I’m in the UK and coming back to SA in a few months, so I’m watching broadband prices with interest. I’m paying £20 a month for 2MB uncapped (free upgrade from 1MB last year), including the ISP cost. If you include the ISP cost for Telkom it’s about R450, which is twice the price of the UK service for one fifth of the speed. If you take into account earning power in SA being about half what it is in the UK, Telkom’s product is 20 times more expensive than here.

  • To follow up, I’m now back in SA and applied for ADSL about a month ago. Today Telkom called to tell me that they can’t add any more ADSL lines in Rondebosch until February 2007.

    To rub salt into the wound, the day we left the UK, my line was about to be upgraded to 8 Mbps at no extra cost, so, where I said “one fifth of the speed” above, read “one twentieth of the speed”, and where I said “Telkom’s product is 20 times as expensive”, read “80 times”.

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