More on DC & conference

Usa_2006_294Usa_2006_285 The Toastmasters conference is now in full swing. We had the opening and keynote speaker last night, and a few educational sessions today. Last night I had the honour of being a flag bearer. I carried the flag of Namibia, since they fall under my division. That is not something I have done before and it was a proud moment.

Usa_2006_293Usa_2006_281The conference is really great and well-organised. I have made so many friends in the last few days. From the conference, I have invitations to visit Mexico, China, Canada, Utah, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland!

I have the rest of the day off, so I am off to the pool for a swim and then a beer.


ps: the temperature in the day is a glorious 32 deg C!

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