HMS Amazon F169 – Lois’ Ship

I was looking on Ebay the other day, when I found to my surprise that they had a kit model of the HMS Amazon. The HMS Amazon was the first Type 21 frigate of the Royal Navy.

Now, while that probably does not sound very interesting, it actually is. This is why: Lois was Christened on a Type 21 frigate. In fact, she was the first person to be Christened on the real HMS Amazon! So we affectionately call the Amazon “Lois’ Ship”. While we will never be able to have Lois’ ship in our lounge, at least now we can have a model of her ship.

Amazon_002Amazon_005_2Today I had some spare time, and I have started to complete the model. Even though the model is only about 25cm long, there are over 80 parts, and each part contains tremendous detail – right down to the helicopter. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Footnote: The Amazon was sold to Pakistan in 1993, and is now called the Babur. More details are here on Wikipedia.

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  • hello, i was also christened on the Amazon, do you know where the ships bell is ? i am looking high and low for it right now and have no idea where it is, ive even emailed the portsmouth naval museum, no joy yet, fingers crossed.

    please email back!


  • HiTom, I was also christened on the amazon, sadly it was auctioned off many years ago so it’s probably sitting on someone’s mantelpiece….Such a shame the rest of us who were christened on it can’t enjoy it too!


  • That makes 3. Lois (my wife who was first – her father built the ship), Tom and Georgina. We might need to start a “who was Christened on the Amazon” website :-)

  • Wow! My dad worked on the Amazon so not quite as impressive, if we were to team up to Take Back the Bell I think Lois would have the rights to it!

  • Yeah if we can find it! When did you dad work on her?

  • Hmm, definitely during ’84 as that’s when I was christened but I can’t remember how long for or when he started on her. He went down to the Falklands just after the war finished too so was stationed on her for at least a couple of years. I will find out! He specialises in Intelligence so I will get him on the trail of the Bell! Operation Amazon has a nice ring to it, if you’ll excuse the pun… What year was Lois Christened?

  • Lois was quite a bit before then, when she (the ship) was commissioned in 1974. She has moved to South Africa way before 84 so I doubt the respective Royal Navy fathers would have known each other.

  • By the way, do you have any details about the auctioning of the bell.

  • Yes you’re probably right. I don’t know any more than that it was auctioned but will ask my parents, they may remember where and when etc. so will get back to you if I find out!

  • Hi I was christened on it to. Let’s find the bell .

  • Hmm, we seem to be forming a bit of a club here, we can have a “find the bell” party :-) I believe it may be mothballed in storage in Greenwich, but I can’t confirm that.

  • Ahh I see , maybe email naval archives ??? What year where you christened

  • Yes, it was my wife, not me. It would have been probably 1974; her father built the ship when he was in the Royal Navy, and she was Christened at the launch of the ship. I am told that all the fittings etc went into mothballs when the ship was sold to Pakistan.

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