Lets make that 16 means of Transport in USA – the Limo

Lois_in_limo_1On Thursday I phoned to book a cab to take us to the airport from Manhattan to JFK Airport on Friday.

So, we were all packed, waiting at the hotel reception for the cab to arrive, when an eight seat stretch Limo pulled up at the door. It could not possibly be ours. The driver walked in to reception and walked straight up to us. "Are you room 522?" – he asked.

Yes – the Limo was ours! So, Lois and I went to JFK airport in style. I really felt like a rock star. It was fantastic! I have no idea why we got a stretch Limo, I have no idea why it cost the same as a yellow cab – but I was not going to complain.

So, New York – we will be back soon. Keep up the style!

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  • Our Limo ride – update

    My recent post about the Limo’s seems to have caused a bit of a stir in the battles between the Limo industry and the Yellow cab industry. Check it out here.

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