Strachan Family Cemetery

Here’s something quite interesting – we have our own family cemetery! Granted, it’s in Illinois, but you never know. I found a whole article dedicated to it, it tells you all about the Strachan’s buried there. Here’s the beginning of the article…

The Strahan or Strachan Cemetery

(also spelled Straghn or Straghan or  Straughan or Strawn)

Tilden, Randolph Co., Illinois

      The Strahan Cemetery lies .5 miles south of the town of Tilden, Tilden Twp., Randolph Co., Illinois  [Section 8 T45 R5W] on the east side Tilden [Plum Creek] Road  on land now owned by the Hunter Family Trust.   It is reported to have lain behind the present barn on a grassy knoll of trees, which have since been removed along with the tombstones, some of which are propped against a barn. Many have been destroyed or removed, so that little remains of what had been and still is a registered cemetery of Randolph County.   For many years there was something of a fence around it, but  people reported over the years that livestock had been able to enter and that the fence was not maintained.    There is not much of a knoll left, either due to erosion or bulldozing.    The tombstones are presently in the safe keeping of the Pyatt Funeral Home in Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois…..

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