3 Orchids to Tracker & 1 Onion to Netstar

Last week, I bought a new car. Part of my insurance arrangement is that I need to have a satellite tracking device installed in the car. I found out that it would be cheaper to install a brand new system from Netstar (the competition) and take up a contract with them than it would be to remove the Tracker unit from my old car and have it installed into the new car.

So, I telephoned Tracker to arrange to have my contract cancelled, so that I could go ahead with the Netstar installation. Tracker asked my why I was canceling, so I told them – the installation fee from Netstar was much less.

Without blinking, Tracker asked me if they arranged to remove the Tracking unit from my old car (on the same day), and to reinstall into the new car the next day, would I remain as a customer? This seemed reasonable, so I said yes.

About 10 minutes after speaking to them, the Tracker technician telephoned me to arrange to move the unit, and as promised, it was removed from my old car that afternoon. It turned out that the old unit was now outdated, so they installed a brand new tracking unit into my new car the very next day (as promised), 24 hours after the initial phone call.

This is outstanding customer service from Tracker, and service that all companies should strive towards. They were about to loose me as a customer, and they did everything reasonably possible (without question) to meet my needs.

Tracker – well done – here are your orchids.

Incidentally, I completed the online application on Netstar’s website about three days ago, and I am still waiting for them to contact me – so you have been awarded a single onion.

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